Our Services


Our products are of high quality with unique taste, smell and flavor. In order to meet expectation of global market, we produce high quality coffee without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We follow biological techniques like crop rotation, green fertilizers, compost, plant-based pesticides and herbicides to maintain its originality. Our productions are environmentally friendly in respect to preservation of bio-diversity and ecology of the Himalayan foot hills.


We promote our products both in national and international market through various business channels. The communications centres established in various corners of the country make necessary arrangements for transporting our products in desired locations. We consult and coordinate with Government Coffee Promotion Board and other national and international stakeholders for promotion of Nepalese organic coffee across the globe.  Currently, we have following communication centres.

Developing Local Entrepreneurship

We are strongly committed to develop local entrepreneurship by utilizing local resources and work force. In order to enhance local economy, we encourage jobless youths and seasonal farmers to start coffee farming by providing coffee seeds free of cost. We also encourage them to explore possibilities of other cash crops like ginger and vegetable farming. In many occasions, we purchase their products and encourage them for more production. Also we provide training to the farmers from time to time in order to help them in their profession.

Social Marketing

We develop and integrate marketing concepts from the best practices that benefit every individuals involved in the community farming. And, our participatory approach guides the community members to achieve greater social goal. We remain in constant touch with like-minded organizations or stakeholders for the promotion of our products. The communication and business channels established in different corners of the country help the farmers to find suitable market for their products. And, occasional exposure visit, interaction and sharing of best practices also help the entrepreneurs to integrate  their efforts for the promotion of their products in national and international market.

Promotion of Local Tourism

The green coffee field can be the attractive destination for sightseeing and refreshment.  Creating conducive atmosphere for worth visiting locations through agro-tourism and homestay packages, the local community will be benefitted with increasing number of tourists. The promotion of local tourism ultimately helps the community with additional income that will have significant impact in improving their living standards. Furthermore, we can also explore the possibility of trekking tourism in this geography where the land height varies from 1300 m to 2700 m from sea level.