Kumari Coffee Industry Pvt. Ltd. is a community based industry established by a team of social entrepreneurs with an aim of improving life of rural community through sustainable organic coffee farming. The industry believes in making collective profit for the common welfare of the rural community through the production and promotion of its high quality products. It envisions earning international reputation to be ISO Certified industry by excelling the average production quality of organic coffee.

Kumar Coffee Industry is focused on not only making collective profit but also supporting local development initiatives to improving quality of life in rural area. By allocating certain budget from the profit it makes from selling its production, it envisions helping the poor and disadvantaged rural community in different areas of health, education and livelihood options.

Kumari Coffee Industry is created to improve the quality of life in rural Kumari through sustainable organic coffee farming. The shaded forest slopes at 4,000 feet creates a unique growing environment for Himalayan Arabica Coffee.

At present, over 350 families have become members of the Kumari coffee cooperative, lead by the women of Kumari. The company provides training, seeds, and education about growing coffee. They receive a living wage for the cash crop and 10% of all company profits. The growing success of this cooperative provides community members with a pathway to a better health, financial independence, and skills for a better future.

Your purchase of Kumari Coffee helps sustain the growing opportunities for more families to benefit from this cooperative venture. We welcome visits and tours, especially during the winter harvest season. To learn more about the Kumari Coffee story, and to place bulk orders visit or email at


Establishment of the ISO Certified organic coffee production, processing and distribution centre in Nepal

Production and promotion of organic coffee farming focusing on the sustainable economy and improving living standard of the rural community.

Target Group
Poor and marginalized youths and farmers including other socially and economically disadvantaged groups of the local community.


  • Establish sustainable coffee farming in rural areas to promote local skills and entrepreneurship.
  • Increase livelihood opportunities at local level by mobilizing local resources and workforce.
  • Promote Nepalese coffee products in local, national and international market for the economic sustainability of rural community.
  • Creating job opportunities at local level by empowering local youths and farmers with coffee production and other income generating skills.
  • Improving educational, health and economic status of the local community.

Message from Director

We are a community based company committed for sustainable development of rural community through the production of high quality Organic Coffee in large scale which we believe will be a boon for overall socio-economic development of nation in general and local community in particular. We hope to achieve these goals by developing local entrepreneurship thereby utilizing local resources and work force. In order to enhance local economy, we encourage jobless youths and seasonal farmers to start organic coffee farming by providing coffee seeds free of cost. We also encourage them to explore possibilities of other cash crops like ginger and vegetable farming by providing them required technical support. As we are guided by community welfare approach, we develop and integrate collective efforts with our participatory approach that benefit every individuals involved in the community farming. We also encourage every interested individual within and beyond nation to share their knowledge, experiences, expertise as part/full time volunteers to fostering local entrepreneurship for the sustainable development of rural community. If you are interested, we are always ready to channel your efforts/contribution to achieve larger goal so that larger number of disadvantaged families will be directly benefited in all aspects.

Jagat Lama

Getting There

Kumari Coffee Production Centre is stationed in Kumari VDC, Nuwakot, the north-east, something about 52 km away from capital city, Kathmandu. Its 2.5 hours drive from Kathmandu and about 1 hour drive from its district headquarter. Transportation however becomes difficult during rainy season due to unfinished graveled road but in other seasons there is no problem in transportation.