welcome-kumari-coffeeOrganic coffee is becoming the most popular and widely used drink in the world. The growing popularity of organic coffee has attracted many farmers in Nepal too. At the backdrop of increasing demand of Nepalese organic coffee in international market, its production and promotion in large scale, can be a boon for overall socio-economic development of people across the nation. The promotion of Nepalese coffee in national and international market opens up avenues for capital formation in local level which can be used for similar types of cash crops in long run for the sustainable development of local community. With a motto of improving living condition of rural population, Kumari Coffee Company has launched organic coffee production and promotion centre in Kumari VDC, Nuwakot which in long will have significant impact in economic development of nation in general and improving quality life of local community in particular.

chhesang-lamaChhesang Lama, Chairperson : The establishment of Kumari Coffee Production Centre is the result of meticulous efforts of our team mates who are dedicated for the sustainable development of rural community.  This project envisages empowering both men and women with their technical skills for organic coffee production which ultimately helps them to earn their livelihood. It encourages women to involve in high cost cash crops that we believe will help them in developing local entrepreneurship, financial independency and sustainable community development in all aspects. And we believe the active participation of women in our project will help in developing quality life in rural community in Kumari , Nuwakot.


Our products are of high quality with unique taste, smell and flavor. In order to meet expectation of global market, we produce organic coffee without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We follow biological techniques like crop rotation, green fertilizers, compost, plant-based pesticides and herbicides to maintain its originality. Our productions are environmentally friendly in respect to preservation of bio-diversity and ecology of the Himalayan foot hills.

We promote our products both in national and international market using our various business channels. The communications centres established in various corners of the country make necessary arrangements for transporting our products in desired locations. We consult and coordinate with Government Coffee Promotion Board and other national and international stakeholders for promotion of Nepalese organic coffee across the globe.

Developing Local Entrepreneurship
Since our goal is the sustainability of organic coffee farming, we are strongly committed to develop local entrepreneurship by utilizing local resources. We encourage jobless youths and seasonal farmers to start coffee farming by providing coffee seeds free of cost. Additionally, we also encourage them to explore possibilities of other cash crops like ginger and vegetable farming. We organize training and awareness programs occasionally in order to help them in coffee/vegetable farming.

Promoting of Local Tourism
The green coffee field can be the attractive destination for sightseeing and refreshment. Creating conducive atmosphere for worth visiting locations through agro-tourism and homestay packages, the local community will be benefitted with increasing number of tourists. The promotion of local tourism ultimately helps the community with additional income that will have significant impact in improving living standards of the local community.

Social Programmes

Educational Programs

It’s often hard for the rural parents to afford for their children education because of their poor financial status. The increasing drop outs rate in the elementary education system in rural hills and mountains have further pushed the children into multi-faceted vulnerabilities. Kumari Coffee Company plans to support the poor and needy children in completing their school education with scholarship and other educational support programs. It also plans to enhance the professional development of teachers with occasional trainings programs.

Health Program

Many people in an accessible geography like of Kumari VDC are often exposed to ill health, malnutrition, unexpected deaths and accidental hazards. Due to poverty, they can hardly imagine to afford for regular check up and medication which ultimately leads them to further vulnerabilities. Considering this grim fact, Kumari Coffee Company will provide technical and financial support to locally managed health post so that the people from the catchment area can have better health facilities on time.

Livelihood Program

The chronic poverty has complicated the life of large section of population in the VDC and leaves them with untold frustration. Increasing vulnerability seasoned with lack of livelihood opportunities and other income sources have adverse impact in the health, education and daily survival of the people. Especially women and children are being directly affected by socio-economic disparities. In this scenario, Kumari Coffee Company is committed to empower the disadvantaged communities/groups with various income generating skills such as coffee/vegetable farming.

Sister Concern Organizations